10 Apps that Help You Manage Your Household

Your home’s basic maintenance is an essential responsibility, and yet it’s easy to get behind. Work, family, relationships and other duties can get in the way; thus, things around the house start to get messy and fall apart. The secret to staying on top of it all is an organization, and what better way to stay organized than with apps designed to keep you on track?


Home Routines – As the name suggests, Home Routines helps you create a cleaning routine. It does this by separating your house into zones. You can customize the app to feature small tasks or longer ones during your free times. Once you’ve completed the task, simply check it off the list.

Local Electricity Companies – Electricity companies will often have an app for managing your payments, serives and uses of power. Having a handy tool on your phone allows you to monitor it easily, or at least be aware of it, rather than storing away logins to go to their own site and researching your own energy consumption. Local Electricity Companies helps you save money by offering comparisons of electricity company rates. You can choose to switch to the lowest priced rate, and you can look into electricity from greener sources, such as wind power. For more information, check out the company’s website at http://www.localelectricitycompanies.com/texas/amigo-energy/.

Water Use Calculator – It’s easy to lose money when you’re not paying attention, and overusing water is no exception. A Water Use Calculator helps you conserve water, which will save you money. It also helps you understand your water habits, so you determine where changes need to be made.

Bill Organizer – To manage your finances, use Bill Reminder, which tracks and manages your bills. The best thing about this app is that it automatically syncs to all of your devices, ensuring you have the same information across all platforms. You can also link it with DebtMinder, so all your bill and debt related spending is in one place.

Meter Reading – Meter reading apps allow you to watch your electrical grid in real time. It allows you to anticipate your electricity bill, as well as cut back if things get too high. Not everyone is on board with digital meters, and the debate over whether or not they’re an invasion of privacy is ongoing.

Spendee – Managing a household budget doesn’t have to be hard. Spendee makes it easy. It provides a friendly and easy way to track and manage your spending, your monthly budget, and a budget for holiday spending. It’s very easy to include data, and you can add photos of receipts, as well as there’s more options for micromanaging every dollar.

2Do – 2Do lists are an essential component of the organization, and this app provides an easy and effective way to manage all those lists. It’s perfect for time-dependent lists, such as appointments and due dates. It’s also great for cleaning tasks, family chores, and taking notes for implementing changes in routines.

Meal Plan – Don’t waste paper by jotting down grocery lists. Store them on your cell phone instead. Plus, you’ll be able to return to the same list and not have to write consistently down the same items again and again. There’s a freezer feature that allows you to keep track of all the stuff in your freezer, so you never run out or let anything go bad.

Wunderlust – If you have a lot of tasks with due dates, Wunderlust can help keep them organized and sorted. You can even share your lists with other members of your family by uploading them to the cloud.

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner – While shopping, you can save money by comparing prices. Simply take a product off the shelf, scan its barcode, and then wait for ShopSavvy to determine if its the lowest price. If another store has the item for lower, it will even provide you with directions on how to get there.

These apps should help you overcome the chaos, and bring a little sanity back into your home. Download them to ensure your tasks are dealt with. The best thing is that many of these will save you money, and you can put the money you save into worthwhile causes.