7 reasons why you should choose Hosting Raja for hosting

Hosting Raja is a one of a kind automated web hosting and domain name registration company that is growing very fast in India.  The benefits of using this service includes the provisioning of the domain name as well as web hosting services for aspiring entrepreneurs at very affordable prices. This company is also into the facility of reselling web hosting services in the country.

It all boils down to value for money in the end. Towards that my research and experience have uncovered good results. The pricing plans launched by the company are very customer friendly starting at quite low base prices per month and the services are custom made to suit the user requirements. But to make for an in-depth analysis of the service we have shortlisted 7 good reasons why you should definitely go for Hosting Raja. Read on to get a bird’s eye view of the services and benefits they have in store for you.


Fuss-free Registration Process

Their registration process is very short spanned which is good for people who are pressed for time. The entire process is a very hassle free process, and the customer gets registered in no time at all! This makes it simple and easy for the customer to start off the web hosting registration process. There are no scenes of waiting for your time to come to get the service.

Great Customer Support

As can be seen above, the company understands that the comfort of the customer is very important and, therefore, the customer care personnel are very courteous and always understanding  treating the customer’s problems first at top priority. Even the customer support provided by them has the facility of being delivered in 12 Indian languages, needless to say, this reflects on why they are being regarded as one of the fastest growing web hosting companies in one of the largest peninsular countries of the world.

No Hidden Costs

This is one of the greatest benefits of their service. We all know that hidden costs can be very irksome and taxing on the pocket. There is no setup cost or installation fee required. Therefore having a transparent transaction system is of utmost importance and that helps in strengthening the bond with the customer. Only then will they spread positive word of mouth and keep coming back.

Looking at all these factors, their pricing plans are simple, affordable and easy to understand. The provision of value added services also enables the customers to pay for the value they receive. Their customer care services have so far exceeded expectations and have gone above and beyond to satisfy customers doubts to win their trust.

Custom Plans Provision

Their custom made service plans are synonymous to proper prices and have been designed to meet customer requirements. They understand that everyone do not have the same web hosting requirements and therefore to meet those needs the provision to create custom plans come as a great easy breather for customers with complicated needs. These custom plans are easy to put together, design and so far have always delivered according to customers’ expectations.

Technical Support provided

All customers cannot be expected to know it all about web hosting services; a 24×7 technical support has been put in place to assist users at all times. Provision of databases has been given for MySQL and PHP and other Linux hosting plans. Their web hosting plans support WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and many more. These services include FTP and e-mail. Their service personnel are very professional, patient and responsive. They understand that the quality of the transaction is directly related to the customer experience. Therefore, their highly trained customer care personnel are helpful at all times in all kinds of problems that the customer might have.

Tier-4 Datacenter with cutting edge technology

The company runs on the promise of delivering cutting edge technology. It also provides the control panel, database manager and add-ons like parked domains for free. They also give free POP3/SMTP/Python/IMAP/PHP/MySql Support. Even the setup of blogs, business or e-commerce websites is free of cost with a guarantee of 99.9% uptime. And behold these are not simply words but proven facts in the past few years of its operations.

Free Website Builder

Apart from the perks mentioned above, they also throw in free email forwarding services for free, and the cost of building the site is also foregone. There is also the availability of phone and email support. Their state of the art technology enables web servers to give a high performance that translates into reliable service for the customers.

The factors mentioned above are but a few of the many plus points of the organization that works to gain momentum in the business and create customer trust. In this industry, finding a good service provider has turned out to be very tricky. The company’s good track record over the last few years has set a good ground for it to build upon.

The gaining popularity of this service provider has made it amply clear that it is growing at a pace that competitors must behold. If we talk about what is it that makes the company a great choice for web hosting and domain registration services, then customer satisfaction and flexible pricing plans will probably top the list. There is no uncertainty whatsoever about whether or not they leave any stone unturned in providing for a great customer experience.

Final Say

In the present age of cut throat competition, the only way to differentiate them is with a great top notch customer service. Everything else is imitable. Being a customer-centric company helps in turning customers into long term clients who finally become assets. The company has grown by leaps and bounds with their focus on specific areas, nimble attitude, and responsiveness.

Looking at the customer reviews and my personal experience I would give their service rating of 9.5 out 10. Make sure you go through their service portfolio once at least before selecting your service provider.

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  1. Great to know the valid reasons to get hosting Raja, thanks for sharing the details in a comprehensive manner.

    It is more important to opt an unfailing hosting service provider to support SEO and prevent malware attacks as well.

    Out of all, technical support must be good to resolve the issues. It is interesting to know that the hosting Raja runs on cutting edge technology, I would like to give a try.

    Thanks again for writing the enough details, will share the post on my network.

  2. To yield good profits and better SERP, every business owner should get a reliable hosting service.

    I would like to get the one with good uptime record and server response.

    Features of hosting Raja are well explained and I’ll consider getting it when my hosting subscription ends.

    Thanks for sharing the helpful data.

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