A Gift Guide for Every Techie in Your Life

Buying gifts in the technology era have never been easier. You can’t beat the luxury of shopping from home, free shipping, and online promotions and coupons. In fact, it is a gift in itself. Speaking of gifts and technology, I’m sure you have a techie or two to buy a gift for this holiday season. Techies come in all different shapes and forms with a wide range of hobbies. A wonderful place to fulfill all your techie needs is Brookstone. With an extensive line of products, Brookstone is a one-stop shop. You can even purchase your Christmas tree and décor!

gift guide

The Fitness Techie loves to keep track of their fitness progress. A Fitbit Flex is a perfect gift, allowing your fitness pal the ability to track steps, distance, calories burned, Bluetooth data syncing and more. Plus it’s a pretty cool fashion accessory that comes in a multitude of colors

The Bartender Techie loves to learn and advance their bartending skills. The Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartending system takes the guesswork out of making drinks arming your bartending friend with a digital smart scale and real-time pouring instructions.

The Techie that Grills will be so grateful for their new Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer. No more scorched hamburgers and dry chicken. The Monitor alerts the griller when the meat reaches desired doneness and displays current and target temperatures

The Techie Kid will have a lot of fun with any app-controlled toys. Take your pick from a minidrone, a robotic ball, a drone quadricopter, or a virtual reality headset.  App-controlled toys are easy to use and will be techie kid favorite.

The Gamer is a known techie, but actually gets a gift that is a little less technical this year. The Gamer may spend hours at a time hunched over, tensed and stressed out. Any sort of body massager will help relieve muscle tightness brought on by gaming, resulting in a happier gamer.

Techie Parents and Grandparents try their best to keep up with new technology. But we all know they like to receive a bit of nostalgia every now and then. A retro CD player, entertainment center, or vintage desk phone will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face that was around before the cell phone days.

The Techie that Entertains loves to keep the environment upbeat and fun. A wireless or Bluetooth speaker will add a nice touch to any party. No more tripping over wires or having to run extension cords.