Audials Radio – Enjoy Free Podcast and Radio On your Phone!

Back in 1991, my dad bought a bulky Sony World Radio set when returning from London. That 3 kg box could be set to any radio frequency in the world, unlike a few local ones and cost him $500 back then. Interestingly, we get the same for free as a mere application in our phones in the form of Internet Radio.

Though we for sure have many alternatives in the market, a new name ‘Audials Radio’ has gained recent prominence.

Audials Radio: An Introduction

audials player1

Unlike my dad’s $500 radio, the Audials app gives you access to 90,000 radio stations across the world at almost no cost. That is the primary advantage. Other than that, it has a few other features discussed as follows:

  1. Zap: Considering the fact that the number of radio stations is way too huge, this app cannot be used like the usual FM radio application. I mean you will have to keep tuning and checking for your favorite radio stations again and again. However, this app is smart. It has an inbuilt ZAP feature. This records your activity and keeps a note of the radio stations you use frequently. It also checks the sequence in which you shift between the radio stations. It stores the data. Thereafter, whenever you click on the ZAP button, it changes the channel to the most probable channel you would be watching at that point of time.
  2. Alarm Clock: The app comes with an alarm clock as an added feature. Now the question would be of why you would prefer this alarm clock when you already have one in your phone. The reason is the choice of tunes and even allowing to add music instead of mere monotonous tunes as your alarm bell. I can bet that would be a much more pleasant experience.
  3. Sleep Timer: The sleep timer is like the alarm clock as well. But there is a difference. Unlock a clock, it acts as a stop-clock, where you set a timer before it rings.
  4. Recorder: This is for recording from the radio. Though this is a well-known feature with FM radios, this is one for international radio.
  5. Equalizer: I guess I have seen excellent equalizers with media player, but this one for radio is unique. Like, imagine changing the tone and frequency of a sound that is playing live. The equalizer has pre-defined themes as well. eg. A light theme and a dark theme.
  6. Cloud Compatibility: Though the Audials Player app works independently, it synchronizes with the Audials MovieBox Desktop application if you have on your desktop. This means that you can store the whole playlist (hundreds of GB’s) on your computer and play them as you go. This will not occupy and space on your phone. The feature is quite advantageous for frequent travelers, especially me.
  7. Podcast: Podcast is generally an audio file that is offered on internet to stream or download. Audials Player offers more than 1,00,000 Podcasts from different categories like arts, business, language courses, tech guides, etc. There is a feature called “Suggestions” that suggests awesome Podcasts to stream or download.

audial player features

The Positives:

  1. The app has an incredible interface design. It gives that classy feel in black. The interface is glossy as well which makes it an awesome experience.
  2. The App is smooth and easy to use, very unlike my regular phone radio.
  3. It supports AirPlay and ChromeCast which is an excellent added feature.
  4. The cloud supportability is simply awesome. The developers researched well before making it live because, one can differentiate between it and spotify when it comes to ease of playing music on cloud. Honestly, it doesn’t even feel like you are steaming something stored at another location.
  5. The ZAP feature must be new to this, and I appreciate it’s smartness. I had to keep scrolling through channels when using other similar apps. It is as smart as android’s text recording feature.

The negatives:

I should admit that I found less of negatives in the app, but as an honest critic, I should not negate them either.

  1. The equalizer had 5 One might say that something is better than nothing when it comes to internet radio, but the equalizer is the same for the music player as well. So keep that point well in mind before downloading the app.
  2. I believe that the front interface is nice. But, it could have been much better with a little more effort.


Audials Radio Podcast Player might be new but a nice competitor in the market. It’s quick, smooth and has a classy interface. It doesn’t wait while loading and the cloud feature works just great. The way it ZAP’s between radio stations is simply awesome. The timer and the alarm clock are something new I found on such players because they usually don’t come along media players.