Best Sandbox games for PC that you can start playing today!

PC gaming is on the boom today. When it comes to gaming, people are moving towards PC gaming nowadays as it not only provides a great platform for games to run on, but it can do so much more than a console. One of the best and most loved genre in PC gaming is the Sandbox and in this post I am going to list down some best sandbox games that you can play.

But before going into the main list of this post, let us see what sandbox really means when it comes to gaming and then later on we will list some best sandbox games. The list will also include some free sandbox games that one can download and play freely.

What are sandbox games?

A sandbox as a general term in gaming means that a game has an open world where the gamer can go to places, explore places, perform activities like driving, flying, bass jumping and more. A player can have full freedom of building things or whatever the game allows them to do. Open world games like Minecraft etc. are some of the best sandbox games that are currently available.

Sandbox games are really fun to play and you can download a sandbox game or you can just find and choose one of the many online sandbox games that you can play with other people online. Either ways, sandbox games are really fun and let us finally get started with our list of best sandbox games.

Premium Online Sandbox Games


Best Sandbox games for PC

Minecraft is one of the most famous and best sandbox games that anyone could get and start playing. It is a game in which you have to play as a single player and there is no story at all. You can start building your home from scratch. You can mine for precious metals and ores and you can craft things in order to survive. You can fight with monsters or you can pet a cat or dog. You can open a poultry farm or you can start a full factory.

This is also a game that you can play it with other people online and you can definitely count it as one of the best online sandbox games.

Grand Theft Auto 5 – [The best Sandbox Game]

best sandbox games

Rockstar Games is known for one game that they have as a star product and that is the Grand Theft Auto series. We have all spent countless hours in our childhood playing GTA games. This is a story driven sandbox game in which you have an open world to explore and do stuff. There is also a multiplayer mode which makes it one of the best online sandbox games.

Free Sandbox Games

Minecraft Classic Free

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Minecraft as a standalone version is not free but there is a classic version of the game which you can play in your browser. You can access it here and it is definitely one of the many great online sandbox games in which you have to play along with other people. You can make things; you can build teams or you can just choose to explore. When it comes to free sandbox games, this is definitely a title one should not miss.

Metaverse Construction Kit

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This is one of the many free sandbox games that one should not miss. In this game you have to create your own 3D creations out of the basic 24 materials that the game provides you. Many people would compare it with Minecraft but it is something that is totally different.

Genesis Online

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Genesis Online can be counted in the category of both free sandbox games and online sandbox games. It provides an open world just like Minecraft but is totally free to play and explore. You can play it with friends, you can explore new places, you can fight dangerous creatures in the dungeons and all in all, this is a great game!


Sandbox games are no doubt fun to play! This list has some amazing games that you can play to have fun. Personally I like GTA 5 and Genesis Online the best in the list as both of them provide an efficient and amazing way to play with friends online.