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There are so many web browsers available on the play store. The number of browsers is increasing day by day and each of them is giving something unique to make internet browsing much easier and comfortable. A web browser is must have for every android user. Although, stock browsers do give a good browsing experience but there is always an alternative and a need for better one. A good web browser can act both as a productive app as well as office app and at the same time it can help in going social and doing internet browsing.


Dolphin Browser is the no. 1 web browser in the android market and it has been downloaded by more than 1 million users. It is a faster web browser which has lots of amazing features and add-ons. It supports voice and gesture based navigation. Not, only this, it also supports Last-pass password manager and it has a built in screen grab taker.

Features of Dolphin Browser:

  • Gesture: It was the first browser to offer this feature. By using gestures, a user can go to any bookmarked websites just by drawing a symbol. It makes browsing fast, neat and fun.


  • Sonar: Sonar is the word for voice control. By using this feature, a user can browse the internet by using his voice. Just shake the device to use the Sonar feature.


  • Beautiful UI: It has got simple UI which uses tabbed browsing in which you can open a new tab just by pressing the + sign.  There are default bookmarks which acts like a one click access and these bookmarks can be removed and customized.


  • Sidebars: Sidebars are available on the both right and left side. It gives independence to a user as things like history, social networks etc. can easily be accessed.


  • Speed: Dolphin Browser is one of the fastest browser and it works even faster then the stock browser. Page loads at a very quick speed and due to its own UI, navigation also becomes faster.
  • Theme: A user can customize and this browser according to his needs. Theme colors, wallpapers and skins can be easily changed.


  • Add-ons: There are more than 60 add ons available on Dolphin browser and there are 3 pre-loaded add ons the right sidebar. Add-ons makes browsing easy and quick as it  makes it possible to add functionality in to the browser.
  • Wi-Fi Broadcast: This feature allows users to share the links with friends on their wi-fi network.

How to use?

  • It can be downloaded from Google Play Store. It is free to use and is small in size.
  • Once it is downloaded, you can sync your data from the top left side of the browser.
  • To open a new tab, you need to click on the + sign. Sidebars can be accessed from both the sides.
  • For settings, click on the Dolphin symbol at the bottom of the screen.
  • To use gestures and voice feature, use the Dolphin symbol at the bottom left corner of the screen.



  • Intuitive interface and supports LastPass password manager.
  • Syncs to Google bookmarks.
  • Supports voice and gesture based navigation.


  • No desktop version

Final Verdict:

Dolphin Browser is quicker, sharper, smoother and is popular too. A mini browser is also available for the older versions of Android. If you want to enjoy wonderful internet browsing experience, Dolphin browser is the must have browser.

Android App Name: Dolphin Browser 

App Size: Varies from device to device

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5

6 thoughts on “Dolphin Browser

  1. Dolphin Browser is definitely the best browser. I am using this browser since a long time and it does makes browsing experience fast and easy. For using Gestures, one have to do a lot of practice and it can be little annoying.

    1. Yes, using gesture might be difficult for the first time users as it only accepts perfectly drawn gestures. Apart from that, as you said Dolphin Browser is the best browser with no doubt

  2. Nicely written detailed post. I was not aware of the fact that it also offers voice search and gestures. For me, add-ons are the most beautiful thing about this browser. I will try the voice feature for now. Eager to see how accurately it works.

    1. Thanks! Yes, it does offer voice search and gestures. But this feature varies from device to device. Dolphin Browser offers best add-ons. Good luck with voice search.

  3. Till time I was using Opera browser but after reading this I am sure that this is better than Opera. It does look like Google Chrome browser but the voice search, gestures, add-ons and themes makes it different from Chrome. Meanwhile it Logo is beautiful.

    1. Yes the tabbed searching do looks like Chrome but features like Voice search and gestures make Dolphin Browser unique and best.

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