Easy Unzipping Only With B1 Free Archiver App

Of late, a good deal of files and folders delivered in the archive format are seen floating over the mobile medium. The same holds true with respect to the Android platform as well. However, there is this one constraint which is faced by Android users as such as far as the archive formatted files are concerned. Android is incapable in supporting both zip as well as rar formats, which is exactly why you cannot open these files in your device in absence of an exclusive app that supports this function. One such app that helps Android users to open up both zip as well as rar formatted files without much of a difficulty is none other than the app B1 Free Archiver.


Apart from the traditional zip and rar formats, this app is known to be equally effective in supporting 7z as well as B1 formatted files. With this app, you can get a taste of both a worthwhile archive file viewing experience as well as an open way in extracting archive files contained in the respective archive. If you go with the first option, then you will be led to the list of files and folders that are held by the archive in question. With the second option, you enjoy the liberty of extracting files and folders that are contained in the archive, which can eventually be saved by you in the current folder, sub folder or even some other random folder of your choice at large.

Inspite of all the brownies that are being offered by the B1 Free Archiver App, a good deal of Android users are seen changing direction in order to substitute the same for another close alternative, which is nothing, but the ZArchiver app. One main reason behind the same is the fact that this app is capable of supporting additional archive formats, which are not necessarily supported by the B1 Free Archiver. Apart from this, this app is also known to house certain other advanced features such as password protection, character encoding and so on and so forth.

Yet another archive app that is known to give tough competition to the B1 Free Archiver app in particular is none other than the Solid Explorer app. The best part about this app is its holistic and wholesome functioning, which ends up making the same a full file explorer instead of being a limited archive application. This feature is somewhat missing in the B1 Free Archiver app. Yet another cherry on the cake with respect to the Solid Explorer application are the tiny animations housed by the same, which in the end give it a fabulous look as far as the design parameter goes.

Inspite of all the above comparisons, one area wherein the B1 Free Archiver ends up winning hands on is with respect to the speed element. This app is known to function at a lightning speed, thus giving it a distinct appeal in particular. Hence, all said and done it would not harm much in order to give the B1 Free Archiver app a try.