Enter the Music Mania only with the jetAudio app

All you people out there who happen to be die hard music enthusiasts who have been active Android users for some time now must have been constantly searching for mp3 apps that can help you live your love for music to the core. One of the hot selling apps in the above genre is none other than the jetAudio app. You can get a taste of one of its kind sound effects if you happen to get hold of the above mentioned app. Similarly, you can also experience the ten bands graphic equalizer with this mp3 app.

You can find both paid as well as unpaid versions in the jetAudio app. The unpaid version is known to contain a select number of basic features, which in the end are sure to take absolute care of your primary music related needs as such. On the other hand, the paid version is known to offer a compact list of priority and sophisticated features, thus making it a worthwhile bet. If you have to choose between the above two versions, it would be wise on your part to settle down for the paid plus version.

This app is known to sport a highly clear and crisp user interface thus making it easier for the user to sail through the same. Moreover, various options are well organized in this app thus making it a cakewalk for you to pick out the alternative of your choice. There is a touch of social media also associated with the jetAudio app. Any and every time when you happen to hear a track using this mp3 app, you can easily go ahead and share the same on social networking websites such as the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Inspite of all the above mentioned advantages associated with the jetAudio app, another rival app that is seen entering the Android music play arena is nothing, but the Xplay app. This app is known to carry a fantabulous design. Most importantly, you can make use of this handy app without having to cause much strain on your pockets as it is known to be available at the Google Play Store completely free of cost. With this app, you will not even be forced to face ad disturbances of any kind.

Yet another competitor app, that has also been successful in capturing the hearts of a good number of Android users out there is the GoneMAD music app. One highlight feature with respect to this app is the tailor made music listening experience that it tends to offer. Before completely zeroing down on this app you can begin with a fourteen day trial that the GoneMAD app brings to the table. Above all, this music app is known to be capable in supporting each and every audio format at large.

All said and done, if a one of its kind mp3 app is what you wish to get your hands on, then in that case, there is no thinking twice before settling down for the jetAudio music app.