GetResponse – The Next Generation Email Marketing Tool

We are today living in the world of internet where the super- fast transmission of information has enabled us to connect with people sitting in different parts of the world. Even businesses, as well as tasks which used to be earlier carried out offline, have now found appropriate spots for them on the internet. Not only this, functions that mankind could never have thought of carrying out over the internet has become possible today, such as shopping and providing different business solutions.

One of such crucial areas where the internet has come to the rescue of all individuals as well as business is the sending as well as receiving of emails. Not only for the purpose of sending and receiving casual messages; rather emails today help people working in multinational corporations as well as business houses in staying in contact with their service providers and customers as well.

The relevance of Email Marketing

Speaking of taking your businesses online, one of the biggest perks of having access to emails is in the process of email marketing. If you are not yet aware of the importance of this term, then you must know that email marketing is the process in which a marketer sends emails to all its future prospective users or consumers who have previously subscribed to their business services/ solutions. The primary motive for sending emails is to make the users aware about their services, products as well as also to keep them updated about the latest discounts, offers, and other such things of their interest.


But given to the enormous amount of emails that are to be sent by the particular marketer to the entire email list, it can be a tiring job. Hence, there is the need for the email campaigns to be sorted and managed. Luckily, there are tools especially designed for the purpose of sending, analyzing and managing the email campaigns accordingly, known as the Email Marketing Tools.

Today, I am going to talk about one such highly- useful email marketing tool that goes by the name GetResponse”. So sit back and take a walk through probably one of the greatest and most useful email marketing tools that you will ever come across.

GetResponse- Your Partner in Email Marketing

GetResponse is one of the latest email marketing tools to have arrived in the market and needless to say, it is a better and more personalized email marketing tool than what I have so far seen over the internet.


I have been using this email marketing tool for the last few months, and I must say that I am feeling very lucky to have finally come across it. To begin with, I found the interface of GetResponse very easy to use. Perhaps, it is one of those very few email marketing tools that can be used with equal ease by both beginners as well as professionals. Using the GetResponse email marketing tool, you can also customize your emails as well as newsletters before sending them out to your desired customers.


One of the best features of the GetResponse email marketing tool is that it comes with predesigned templates to work with, and it makes it easier for the marketer to send out the newsletters without the need of spending much time on customizing and designing it. However, I also found it very helpful in the fact that it allowed me to customize my newsletters as well. This is the coolest feature of the GetResponse tool that it helped me in putting my very own personalized touch as well as feel to the emails that I was sending out to my desired sphere of customers. GetResponse also allows you to perform A/B tests in order to make sure that you are getting the most out of your marketing campaigns. For analyzing the strength as well as effectiveness of my marketing campaign, I was also provided with an “Analytics” sections and it also offered me with all the data that helped me in enhancing the effectiveness of my campaign in real time.

GetResponse Templates & Customization

The GetResponse, email marketing tool, stands a step ahead of other such tools in more than one way. It comes with it’s very own template and design and users who are looking forward to personalizing their email campaigns can also achieve this by customizing their marketing templates.

In case you are simply looking forward to predesigned templates, then they also have their very own list of predesigned templates which are responsive in nature and hence will enable you to cater to the needs of all types of customers whether they are using computer systems or handheld mobile devices.

Final Verdict

All in all GetResponse is an email marketing tool that I always go back to while sending my email marketing campaign newsletters. The A/B testing features and analytics are updated in real time and hence I instantly know how my campaign is being received. The prices and plans are really great too and the features along with price is what makes it so great.