Getresponse Vs Wishpond, Which Is The Best?

Landing pages are very important if you are a blogger, online marketer or affiliate marketer. Being in the online business means you have to collect leads, turn prospects into buying customers and generate sales. This is where landing pages are needed.

Today, we will discuss two of the greatest landing page collections GetResponse and WishPond. Let us see how these two email marketing tools help you in creating landing pages from scratch, track those and split test them. Moreover, what is their price point?

Comparison of Landing Page Tools – GetResponse & Wishpond 

Let’s compare the landing page creators of GetResponse and Wishpond in the following 5 benchmarks:

  • Design and pre-built templates:
  • Integrations
  • Analytics and tracking
  • Responsiveness
  • Usability and pricing.

1) Design and Pre-built Templates


GetResponse has been a name for landing pages. It has over 1000 templates that can be used as readymade landing pages for your marketing campaigns. It also gives you access to over 1000 stock photos to design your own conversion-optimized landing pages.


The WYSIWYG editor of GetResponse also makes it extremely easy to design your own version of the landing page, resize, crop the elements and do other things without even touching the codes.

WishPond landing page builder is also WYSIWYG enabled, and the landing pages are smooth and conversion optimized. The only demerit in comparison to GetResponse is that they do not have so many free resources to help you from scratch.


2) Integration


GetResponse combines with a pretty good number of tools and has a strong portfolio of online apps. It combines with analytics and email tools if you are using a different email client


WishPond is a bit, behind when it comes to integrations. Since wishpond landing page builder does not support chief email marketing tools like Aweber, I doubt if it is okay for most users.

It, however, supports social media integrations so that you can set up a landing page easily on Facebook pages. You can embed the forms to your own websites. They also have custom domain support so that if you don’t have a website of your own you can still get started.

3) Analytics & Tracking

Analytics and custom tracking are some of the must-have features of landing page builders. If the page builder contains tracking facilities are strong, you can get better at targeting your prospects.


GetResponse has strong integrations with Google Analytics and has its own analytics tracking for basic information like user demographics etc. GetResponse also combines with split testing seamlessly.

It supports nearly 5 landing pages for split testing each campaign. This makes sure you can track out which is running successfully.

Landing page GetResponse


WishPond landing page also supports custom split testing that means you can test same campaign with different landing page designs and copy. Then you can find if which one works well for you.

It also has retargeting ads supports that make sure your visitors that are not converted on the first attempt are marketed again.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsiveness is the best need for today’s affiliate landing programs. If your landing page does not have responsive features, you may lose out to mobile users on the go.


GetResponse has the mobile responsive feature that makes it most desirable. No matter what landing page you use and what device your visitor uses GetResponse is optimized to convert them into leads.


WishPond landing page builder is quite mobile responsive and in this front that landing page builder has equal points in comparison to GetResponse.

User Convenience & Pricing

Usability front is where we test how easy it is to use the software. Here is what we found about the ease to use features of GetResponse and WishPond landing page builder.


GetResponse is very user oriented and smooth in working. The drag and drop builder is just cool and responsive. Have a look at the affordable pricing plan of GetResponse



Wishpond’s WYSIWYG interface was a bit laggy and could not be responsive to cursor movements at times. Other than that It worked fine.

On the pricing front too, Wishpond offers a 14-day free trial for you to access the service. After that, it costs around $69 for the starter plan.

Pricing Plans Wishpond

GetResponse has a free 30-day trial offer and the rest paid plan is $15 for starters. This is where the deal breaks. WishPond has nothing that can offer a blogger or a starter marketer to try the plan for less than $59.


On my verdict, I found GetResponse has some of the best features, awesome tracking, and split testing facility. GetResponse also supports some of the best web apps. While WishPond is pricey on the front and it’s composer mode is not fully optimized for smooth performance.