GBA Games That You Should Definitely Try

We all have spent our childhood playing all sorts of video games that we could get our hands on. As a child, a video game and the character inside the game that we could control was just an amazing thing to us. Personally, I used to wonder how these things work and as I grew up, I tried my hands on many different games that I could get. Spending a whole day at an arcade with friends was a normal way of spending my pocket money.

But out of all the gaming experiences, there was one device that stood out from the rest and always made me happy when I used it. It was the Game Boy Advance which was a console on which we could play all sorts of games on. There were many GBA Games that were so much fun to play and were very interactive. I recently had an urge to play some good GBA games again and hence I started looking for some fun GBA games that I really liked back in the day, and I got the idea of writing this post and listing some of the Gameboy Advance games that you will definitely like.

Let’s get started!

1. Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2

GBA Games

The Super Robot games have been one of the best franchise games for Gameboy Advance, and they can definitely be counted in a list of good GBA games. It came with some new characters, and you had to use your character and get involved in a war of robots as a role playing game. The game was so famous that it was remade into a Play Station 2 game for Japan.


2. Fire Pro Wrestling

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Who doesn’t like fighting games?

The Fire Pro Wrestling was one of the many GBA games in which one had to choose a character and fight against the opponents in the game using different disciplines of fighting such as mixed martial arts and others. This was one of the many fun GBA games one could play on their Gameboy Advance.


3. Pokémon Pinball

Gamebod advance games

We all have a lot of memories of watching Pokémon in our childhood. The Gameboy Advance was such an amazing device that allowed us to play some good old Pokémon games. This specific game was a mixture of Pokémon as well as a pinball game that made it fun to play. This was definitely one of the best Good GBA Games.


4. Mega Man & Bass

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The Mega Man games were also very famous at their time, and it came with a loveable and a brave character named as Mega Man. The story of the game was quite interesting, and attention grabbing, and the game got harder to play as the story progressed which clinched many players not to get bored of the game at all. This is one of those Gameboy Advance games that people liked a lot and played over and over again for the story and gameplay experience.


5. Street Fighter Alpha 3

GBA Games

Street Fighter is one of the widely played fighting games across many platforms, and it was also very famous as a fighting game for the Gameboy Advance. To this date, it is considered to be one of the best GBA games that one could get their hands on. With the ability to choose between different characters and fighting with them using different combos, this game was one of the many fun GBA games.



So, this was a list of some of the greatest GBA games that one could play and have fun on their Gameboy Advance. The Gameboy Advance games are known to pack a lot of fun in a small package of a small console. But it is always better to get the original cartridges of the game instead of looking for the best GBA games download.