Extract iTunes back up with iPhone Backup Extractor

In the world of smartphones and computers data loss is a buzz word because at times either your phone gets some problem which cause data loss. Sometimes you get a new phone and want to keep old phone’s back up or many times while upgrading you lose all of your phone’s data.

There are many situations in which you can lose your phone’s data so what? Do you just let them go or try to get them back?

If you ask me I will say I will try to get them back. I am an iPhone user and I had this kind of situation earlier in which I lost many of my hometown’s photos. But I got to know about an amazing software (we will talk about this further in this post) which helped me recover all of those photos.

If you don’t know let me tell you that when you connect an iPhone to a computer all of the data is backed up on the computer by iTunes so in case of data loss you can always get them from there but the problem is that those backup are saved as a SQlitedb file which is not readable.

So what is the solution?

There comes Coolmuster’s iPhone Backup Extractor software into the picture which helps you extract that iphone backup file (in SQlitedb format) from iTunes to your iPhone on windows.


This software can do these things:

  • 1-click to retrieve the whole iPhone iTunes backup on Windows.
  • Make it easy for iPhone users to recover files from iTunes backup selectively.
  • Backup file will be extracted immediately and listed with a category separately in the right window.

The in-built preview mode of this software enables to see thumbnails of the lost files and check their detailed information and accordingly you can recover the required ones. It also makes your back up work easier by showing the files category wise like photos, videos, SMS.

iPhone backup extractor is not just used as a backup extractor rather it can be used as a powerful data recovery software for iPhones as this offers a set of great features such as:

  • 1-Click to recovery of entire contacts, SMS, notes, calendar events, call records etc.
  • It can recover files one by one or even in batch as per your requirements
  • It can run even without launching iTunes or plugging your iPhone into your computer/laptop
  • It supports almost all the models of iPhones.
  • It can also work with iPads and iPods.
  • It has very user friendly interface
  • It works well with all windows platform windows 8/7/vista/2003/2000/NT.

So now you know about a brilliant, amazing and robust software that can get your lost data back easily. Now if you want to use this software then get it downloaded on your computer system and start using it.


For example you can read a guide here as how to extract photos from backup (using iPhone backup extractor) on the official website and follow the same steps to recover your photos. Almost same steps can be taken to take backup of other files as well.

Final Words

iPhone Back up Extractor is a robust and powerful recovery software that can be used even by a non technical person to take get the files recovered from iTunes on windows.

The best thing is it works with all iPhone models, iPads and iPods. It also works great on all windows OS.

The other best thing is this software is under the brand name of Coolmuster which is well known for its cool software.