No More Forgetting only with the MyCalendar App

One calendar app for Android that is sure to please you, is none other than the MyCalendar App. This app which was initially introduced and eventually happened to make rounds on Facebook, with over ten million dedicated followers is now seen gaining equal attention on the Android platform as well. You will no more be required to bear the brunt from your near and dear ones for having forgotten their birthdays as the MyCalendar app is known to play a pivotal role in helping you remember birthdays of all those people who fall in your immediate social circle.mycalender app

You will be in a position to import birthdays of all your family members and friends directly from Facebook. Apart from this, you can even use this app to mark the birthdays of people who are inactive on Facebook, but happen to be active on your phone through the contacts medium. Let us not forget, the liberty that you enjoy in adding custom birthdays to the MyCalendar app as well.

This app is known to be designed in such a fashion that making peace with the reminder settings of the same does not become much of a task. As and when any birthday pops up, this app sets into action and eventually delivers the birthday reminder straight to your device. However, the cherry on the cake still remains the personalized messages that you can create and straightaway send to the birthday boy or girl in question. However, the loophole with the MyCalendar app still remains the limited options and functions that it tends to deliver to its users. Some users have even found this app to be somewhat incomplete and have desired to get a more better and fuller version of the same in the days to come.

Due to the above shortcomings, a good number of people are seen substituting this app with the Jorte app. Apart from the other basic features that are being offered by the MyCalendar app, Jorte app is known to offer an additional feature, which is nothing, but the cloud sync service. Moreover, with this app you get the opportunity of managing your calendar directly from the Web. If you wish to merge your Google Calendar with Jorte, then you will have to put in some efforts from your end as this is not really an automatic process, which is otherwise available in some other apps. However, this app wins hands on with respect to its designing options as compared to the MyCalendar app.

Yet another tough competitor in the Android calendar apps segment is the aCalendar app. This app is known to bring to the table better than the best widgets. Right from the very basic calendar features to something very grand and sophisticated, all can be found under the wings of this app. Easy navigation is yet another plus point as far as this app is concerned.

However, in the end it would not harm much to settle for the MyCalendar app as compared to its other counterparts at large.