PoweredTemplate Offers The Best Professional PowerPoint Templates

Probably, one of the most known and used tool in Microsoft Office has been PowerPoint. Everyone must have used as if not otherwise, at least as a school kid. The software other than for fun work has crucial applications in business as presentations are important things that you use to share your ideas with your clients and managers. Rather it’s quite multi-purpose and is undoubtedly the leader in its own market.

PowerPoint has predefined Templates and slide designs that you can use, but that are also used by everyone who uses this tool. Therefore, you find it difficult to make your presentation better and more creative than others. In such case, you can hire someone to do it for you or you should get some readymade templates and other design elements from the web to add to your presentations to make them look attractive.

There are many online companies that offer such design elements, but I found www.poweredtemplate.com very useful because the designs it offers are very creative. You can find out everything that you need such as PowerPoint Presentation Templates, Clip Arts, Flyers, Diagrams, Charts, Maps, and many more.


This blog post is actually an unbiased review of PoweredTemplate. Continue reading to know more about it.

What does the PoweredTemplate offer?

It offers Premium PowerPoint templates. By Premium, we mean paid and professionally designed. However, it’s certainly worth considering how crucial and effective it would be for business. They claim to the world’s largest PowerPoint Template provider.

They offer the following services:

  1. PowerPoint Templates: PowerPoint templates are basically the skeletal structure of the PowerPoint presentations. It structures what will be placed where in the presentation, what will be of what color, what feel is it to give. This is the primary product that PoweredTemplate offers.
  1. Diagrams and Charts: Most PowerPoint presentations are incomplete without diagrams and charts which make long discussions short and self-explanatory. Flow charts can reduce really tedious explanations to short ones. The Diagrams and Charts on this site are quite nice. They have a varied range varying from some really childish ones to typical business-like ones. It’s worth whatever your need is. Browse the gallery of Diagrams and Charts here http://charts.poweredtemplate.com/powerpoint-diagrams-charts/presentation-templates/0/index.html
  2. Maps: Now this one is a unique and important template that the site offers. It offers political maps of most countries and all continents. This can be a real plus point for your presentation. Sometimes a necessary condition. These maps are much more illustrative for a PowerPoint presentation than what would appear if you simply downloaded one from Google Images. Particularly because it has been designed for the purpose of presentations.
  3. Clip Arts: When we mention Clip Art here, it sure isn’t the same boring Clip Art you get by default on your MS PowerPoint. It includes vector art, event special art, etc. e.g. Templates on New Year and Christmas.
  4. Bundles: This is one of their upcoming It has not been launched as of present. We too are waiting to see what they have in store for us.

Downloading PowerPoint Templates from poweredtemplate.com and syncing them with your PowerPoint Software

  1. Go to http://www.poweredtemplate.com/ppt-powerpoint-design-templates.html


  1. Check the list of templates. It’s huge actually (558 templates)! So, you could use the search option. If you are in doubt of how to search for the template of your choice since you won’t know what a template looks like till you see it, try searching for the event you need the template for. Eg. You need a template for Christmas, search for the keyword ‘Christmas’.
  2. Searching for the required template would show the list of all templates related to the subject.
  3. Choose the template of your choice and click open it.
  4. Click on ‘download’ and download the template.
  5. The template is not a ‘zip’ file and thus, it auto-inscribes in the system you download it to. Thus, it should always be downloaded to the system which has the PowerPoint software to which you wish to inscribe the template to.

Plans and Pricing


I found many as low as $12 and as high as $36. However, buying them individually is surely not worth unless you are particularly willing to buy one and only one template for one and only one particular event and never plan to buy more in future. I say so because their multiple-buy plans are lucrative as well. The subscriptions are categorized into Silver and Gold. The primary difference is that the Silver membership allows 10 download per month, and the Gold membership allows 50 downloads a month. The plans are as follows:

  1. One month: Silver membership costs $49, and Gold membership costs $149.
  2. Three months: Silver membership costs $99, and Gold membership costs $399.
  3. Six months: Silver membership costs $199, and Gold membership costs $599.
  4. Twelve months: Silver membership costs $299, and Gold membership costs $799.

Apart from all these monetary things, there is something that may surprise you because PoweredTemplate offers something that can get you premium templates for free. You can get the details here.

Final Verdict:

PoweredTemplate is the best site online for templates though it is a bit more expensive than its rivals. But, the quality it delivers justifies the cost pretty well.

So if you have the requirement of such design elements on a regular basis, you must subscribe to their monthly or yearly plan to get the stuff at good price.