PushBullet: The fastest way to connect PC and Phone

There are various ways to share data between two phones or two computers. You can easily exchange data with the help of a data cable, Bluetooth, NFC and through pen drive. However, when platforms change, things become difficult. For example, sharing data from PC to phone is not easy as sharing data between two phones or two PCs. No doubt, you can use a USB cable but, you can’t carry a USB cable with you all the time and we are moving towards the world where things are becoming wireless.


Also, the existing sharing methods has its own disadvantages. For instance, what if you need to share a link from your PC to your Android smartphone? In that case, PushBullet comes as the best solution for this problem. It is one of the best productivity apps available on the Google Play Store.

What is PushBullet?

PushBullet is an android app which is completely free to use and offers the simplest way to share data between two devices. It is available on Google Play Store and has been used by over millions of users. The app has already got good ratings and is becoming better day by day.

How to use PushBullet?

You need to set up few things before using PushBullet. Here is the small guide on how to use and set up PushBullet.

Set Up Guide

  • Download the PushBullet app from Google Play Store.


  • Sign in with either Google account or Facebook account.


  • Now, you need to give PushBullet the access for notification.

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  • Add PushBullet extension in your Google Chrome. PushBullet works only with Google Chrome Browser.


  • Now, Sign up for PushBullet from your Chrome by clicking on the green push button just near the close button.


  • This is how it will look after setting up. You can add more than 1 Android device for better functionality and accessibility.


How to exchange Data using PushBullet?

From Android to PC:

  • Open the PushBullet app.


  • Select the device where you want to send your file.


  • Click on the attachment icon and it will ask you whether you wish to send a photo or a file.
  • If you select Photo, it will give you the option to select the photo to send. You can also select multiple photos. In case, you select the file, it will open a file manager. You can send any type of file but, it should be less than 10 MB.


  • Press the arrow button and your image will be sent.
  • Open the browser and download the image. As simple as that.


From PC to Android:

  • If you wish to send a webpage link to your PC, be on that webpage and click on the PushBullet icon on the top right side of the page. It will open the dialogue box and will automatically include the link. Just click on the send arrow and it will be shared with the Android device. The link will get opened in phone’s default browser.


  • You can also send an SMS to any of your contacts via Desktop using PushBullet without even touching the phone. This feature comes very handy for office going people as it can be considered as office app. 


Final Conclusion

The best thing about PushBullet is that it can be used for more than one devices and you can even send files and pictures to you friends. The app has got some premium features which is the reason why it is difficult to believe that it is completely free to use. It is an useful app for students and people who wish to save time while sharing data. The app has got a beautiful UI and the extension gets completely integrated with the browser. The only downside is that it works only with Google Chrome which means if you are a Firefox or Safari user, you will face hard time using PushBullet. So, the bottom line is that PushBullet is an excellent app which can increase your productivity and can save you a lot of time.

Download PushBullet. 

PushBullet APK File.

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  1. Wow, I never thought there is something like that. I have been using my USB cable to transfer my data from phone to PC and vice versa. Thank you for sharing this post.

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