How to search property like a pro using has emerged as one of the biggest technology start-ups of this decade. The company has managed to harness technology and quantitative ability effectively to drive the business. They have successfully used brains in a business in what was traditionally considered to be the forte of the brawny. But it is the sheer genius of application of knowledge that has made the next step in the evolution of business processes in the realty sector.

This real estate portal offers numerous services, including search for properties, property agents, real estate trends and even home loans. Hence all the needs of a person who intends to sell or purchase properties are met on the portal.

Searching the house 

The prime objective of the portal is to assist a person search for properties in some major cities of India. Hence the interface presents easy options to start the search. Of the options available, one can choose from ‘Rent’, ‘Buy’, ‘New Projects’, ‘PG & Hostels’, ‘Land’ and ‘Plot Projects’. Choosing ‘Rent’ or ‘Buy’ allows typing the name of the city and locality. Then the buyer can choose the type of house (1 BHK to 5+ BHK) along with a price range. The results are displayed in a circular map view where one can view the type of locality tagged with its minor description (Eg. 2 means 2BHK). There is also an option to switch to the Grid View as well.


Similarly one can obtain the details of land and plots for investments. In case of new projects, there are three dimensional details of apartments available with other property details.

Property Trends

Take an example of a person who wants to invest in houses in Hyderabad. Such a person would not benefit much from only the property details than he/she would from the demand and the knowledge of how good a locality would be in future. provides distinctive map features which highlight details likes renting prices in a locality, sales prices in different areas, demand of different localities and even factors like how good a locality would be for a parent who intends to raise kids.

There is also availability of information which helps a user gauge the quality of an accommodation. Similarly, the estimated value of a property can also be found.

Revisiting the earlier example, the person interested in investment in Hyderabad real estate will surely benefit immensely from this additional information; and search properties accordingly.

Acquiring Loan

Once the decision of property purchase has been made, the next step is to seek home loans to complete the acquisition. provides a comprehensive insight into the business of home loans. Someone who does not know anything about home loans can go through the housing “guide”. This is a comprehensive and practical tool for the beginners to know all about such loans.

There is also a provision to compare different home loans and decide on the best option. Similarly, one can check the eligibility of home loans by filling in a simple form and finally closing the deal with some of the biggest names in the home loan sector. Any additional help from is merely a call away.

In Conclusion has transformed the business of information services by revolutionising property business. It has endeavoured to offer useful services and will continue to enhance such practices in the future.