SHAREit App: The fastest file transferring app

SHAREit App: The fastest file transferring app

Sharing a file between two mobile phones can be a really difficult task. Although, if it is a photo or a song, it will just take few minutes for sharing but, if it is a movie or a big file, it will take hours. This isn’t the only problem. Sometimes Bluetooth starts showing error and doesn’t connect. Devices like iPhone don’t even support Bluetooth facility for sharing a file with some other device. We need an app which can solve this problem. Now, play store is full of so many file sharing apps but only few of them works perfectly. Some of the apps allows limited size of data for sharing while few apps don’t support some specific kind of data. While few of them are paid, many of them doesn’t support all the devices. However, there is one app which works perfectly fine with all the device and allows you to share unlimited data. This productive app is SHAREit app which is developed by Lenovo Corp. In this post, we will discuss all the features of this amazing app and will let you know how to use this.


With over 10 million downloads and thousands of 5 star ratings, SHAREit is the best file sharing app on the Google Play Store. This is considered as world’s fastest way to share apps, photos and files over different devices. There is no need of active internet connection for sharing files with SHAREit. The only need is that both the devices should have SHAREit app for successful sharing. Not only sharing, this app also offers many other features too. There is an inbuilt feature by the name of CLONEit which can copy all the data from one device to another. It comes very much handy when you have to transfer all your data from your old phone to new phone. There is another feature which allows you to connect your phone with your PC for file sharing.

Key Features of SHAREit App:
• You can share any kind of file like photos, songs, contacts, documents etc. You can even share app too.
• It automatically finds the devices having SHAREit app.
• There is no limit on the size of the file. You can send any file of any size. The sharing takes place at a very fast speed which is 40 times faster than Bluetooth.
• There is no need of internet connection or Wi-Fi connection to share files by using this app.
• One of the best feature of this app is that the even app can be shared itself so that if your friend don’t have the app, he/she can install it instantly.
• The app supports group sharing and up to devices can be connected at a same time.
• It supports all kind of devices like Android phones, tablets, iPhone, iPad and even Windows PC.

How to use SHAREit App?
Download the app from Google Play Store.


• Once it is installed, you will need to agree with its terms and conditions. After that, you will need to choose a username and picture for your account.
• Now you are ready to use the app, just select the file which you need to send and it’s done.

App Name: SHAREit App
App Size: 6 MB
Compatibility: Works fine with Android and iPhone
Ratings: 4.4
Download now.

4 thoughts on “SHAREit App: The fastest file transferring app

  1. I have been using this app from a long time and indeed it is the best file sharing app. I specially like the interface which is so much user friendly and simple to use.

  2. SHAREit is a good app but I prefer Xender as it provides more options and better compatibility. Although, I have not used SHAREit . will try it for sure.

    1. Yes Xender is also a good sharing app but you should not underestimate the capabilities of SHAREit. I would suggest you to use SHAREit once and you will see the difference.

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