Smart Voice Recorder Review – Best Audio Recorder for Android

Smart Voice Recorder Review – Best Audio Recorder for Android

Android devices nowadays are capable of doing so many things at once. From being a multimedia device to a daily assistant that helps you in reminding you events and more. You can also use them as an internet accessing device to check your emails and more.

Not only this, but you can also use your Android device as a GPS for your vehicle, for listening to music, for accessing internet. But have you ever used your Android phone to record some high quality audio? Well, maybe you didn’t know it was possible but it is. Android phones can also be used to record some really high quality audio and then you can use them somewhere.


You can use it to record songs and upload it on Soundcloud if you want to get into it and don’t want to go for a costly mic. Also, a proper mic set up is not only costly but it is also very complex to set up and use so for the start you might wanna go for something that is simple and what would be better than doing this on your smartphone without any costly set up.

We will be using an Android app named the Smart Voice Recorder which will let you record audio in various qualities ranging from 8 kHz to 44.1 kHz CD quality. All this at absolutely no cost as the app is supported by uninstructive ads.

Download and Install Smart Voice Recorder

As we need this app for an Android app, you can just head over to the Play Store and search for “smart voice recorder” and install it on your phone.Else you also have an option of opening the Play Store link on your PC and clicking the install button on the app page and then choosing the Android device on which you want to install it. After this the app will be automatically downloaded and installed on your chosen Android device.

Download: Download Smart Voice Recorder

Smart Voice Recorder – Features & Overview

Now that we have installed the Smart Voice Recorder app, we will now look at the features and we will see what this app can do.As soon as you open the app, you will be greeted with a really simple yet well laid out UI. On the main screen of the app there is a big round red button that has a timer on it and pressing this button will start the recording.

Below that are two buttons with captions that will be Recordings and Start Recording. The Recordings button will show you the list of recordings that you might have recorded previously. The Start Recording obviously starts recording the audio and acts as a record and after you tap it, recording will start and you will see 3 buttons instead of this button that will be Finish, Pause and Cancel.


There is also a check box where you can choose if you want it to record continuously or skip the silences in between. This is a new feature and has been added in the newer version. Tap the 3 menu dots on the top right side of the app and you will see the options shown in the image below. The app is supported by ads but you can get rid of the ads by tapping on the remove ads button and you can pay a certain amount to make the app totally ad free. Tapping on Settings will take you to a new screen where you have the options shown in the image below.

Main option here that we are going to talk about is Sample Rate. When you tap on this you will have options of audio sample rate ranging from lowest 8 kHz to highest CD quality that is 44.1 kHz. You can choose the option according to your need and it will be done.

So this was a small review of the Smart Voice Recorder. You can check it out yourself and let us know what you think of it.