Surprising gaming applications for smartwatches

One of the biggest technology stories of 2015 has been the introduction of smartwatches in the public sphere. The phenomenal demand for the likes of the Apple Watch has emphasised our fascination, and desire for the latest gadgets.

And whilst smartwatches offer an array of user-friendly features in a compact, all-in-one package, there are always those who seek to stretch the limits of these latest technological creations.

Gaming potential


The latest wave of smartwatches run on the premise of providing the same function as a smartphone, but in a much more compact package.

Whilst the smaller screen size won’t affect many tasks such as receiving notifications, for the gamer who’s looking to play on the move, it provides a bit of a dilemma.

 Smartwatch apps


At the moment, there are a limited amount of smartwatch specific gaming apps available from app distributors such as App Store and Google Play.

But recently, more games such as Real Racing 3 have introduced features that are optimised towards smartwatches. The Team Driver feature allows users to execute a number of race-specific commands without having to use an extra device.

This comes at a time where games developers are still working to establish the best way to design gaming formats for these new devices. For many brands such as the online casino site Betway, the range of games offered and bonuses made available means that a browser-based format invariably works best for the limited screen size.

However, the casino games format used by the site is still ideally positioned for smaller screen sizes as games of slots and poker do not require the extensive graphical requirements of many bigger budget games.

Stretching the limits

But despite the apparent limitations of the smartwatch, many have already adapted the gadgets for some surprising uses.

This was seen when technology fan Dave Bennett managed to get the original Half Life game running on an Android Wear smartwatch. By using a specialist SDLash app, Bennett was able to emulate the original GoldSource game engine and deliver a reasonably satisfactory game of Half Life on a smartwatch.

Admittedly, there were still a few issues to overcome. The graphic rendering capabilities of the device unfortunately sometimes ran at a very sluggish 2 fps, and most notably, actually trying to play the game on a 1.65 inch screen was nearly impossible!

But as an introduction to what these impressive devices can do, it signifies just how powerful such tiny gadgets can be. And once app developers reveal their latest gaming innovations for the newly introduced smartwatches, we could be facing yet another gaming revolution.