Top 5 Website for Online Shopping

Do you remember the last time when you actually went to the shop for buying a gadget? If the answer is no, then you are already a big fan of Online Shopping. Thanks to online shopping that now you can buy a gadget jut by tapping the screen of your phone. The idea of Online Shopping is not new and this is the reason that we have a plethora of websites which are selling goods on the web.

Being a techy and nerd, my favourite time pass is surfing the web for best available gadgets. After my experience with almost every online web store, here is the list of top five websites to consider for doing online shopping.

1. Amazon


After a huge success in US and other major countries, Amazon finally made its debut in India. Amazon came with a bang and is now currently leading the market of online web stores. Super-fast delivery and excellent customer support are the reason behind the tremendous success of Amazon. You will find almost everything on Amazon and the best part is that each product is 100% genuine and you can blindly trust Amazon.

2. Flipkart


When Amazon was not in the market, it was Flipkart which was the king of e-commerce. It started with books and now it is even selling tyres and bicycles. The website is immensely popular and it is gaining the trust of users at a very fast pace. You can easily get Online Coupons for Flipkart by searching the coupon related websites and using their mobile app for the first time.

3. Jabong


One downside of most of the online websites is that they offer a wide range of products and it becomes very difficult to choose and filter the website for your desired product. However, Jabong realised that and this is the reason that they made a website specially dedicated to clothing and apparel.  Jabong is the first choice of users when it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories. Jabong Coupons and exclusive deals also attract a large number of buyers.

4. SnapDeal


Considered as India’s 2nd largest e-commerce firm, SnapDeal recently raised a funding of $500 million from Alibaba. SnapDeal is known for listing products at a very competitive price range. Just like Flipkart and Amazon, SnapDeal also offers a large variety of products. The website recently got a makeover and now it is much faster and better. The company has also focused on making its mobile app more user-friendly.

5. ShopClues


ShopClues is the latest addition in the list of best online websites to do online shopping. The website has got quite a good reputation among users. The best part about ShopClues is that it constantly runs exclusive deals and offers. No matter when you are visiting the website or which season it is, you will get good deals and offers every time. You can also buy products on EMI using EMI Bazaar Coupons.

Final Verdict

There are many advantages of online shopping. Apart from saving you a lot of time & efforts, it also gives you a chance to explore the market and choose the right product for you. The trend of online shopping is not new and it will only increase in the coming time. Currently, the above five mentioned brands are leading the race but, when it comes to the internet and new ideas, things don’t take time in changing. So, till then enjoy online shopping and the perks of being born in the era of technology.