USB Cable Out & Software Data Cable App In

You may have often encountered n number of situations wherein the need of the hour would have been to share data between two different devices, but you may have been left disappointed due to your failure in proceeding with the same in absence of a USB cable. If you happen to be an Android user, then you no more need to feel low about the same, as you can now go ahead and share data amongst devices in absence of a USB cable as well. This can be done by simply getting hold of the Software Data Cable App, which is particularly known to help you share data among different devices with absolute ease and convenience.

Software Data Cable

First and foremost, let us begin with the very good news, which is nothing, but the fact about this app being available at the Google Play Store absolutely free of cost. As far as, the performance and functionality element of the Software Data Cable App is concerned, this app is known to be completely fast and quick in offering the desired results. Moreover, this app is known to be designed in such a manner that it is hundred percent secure. None of your private information is likely to be leaked or exposed while you engage in data sharing using this app.

Any and every aspect that you name can easily be shared among devices using the Software Data Cable app, which necessarily include the likes of photos, music tracks, videos and even other apps for that matter. Yet another cherry on the cake is with respect to the logistical arena. Since this is just an app, it comes absolutely handy, which is exactly why you would not be required to store or carry cables for sharing data. Similarly, your computer would not be required to house drives for the above purpose.

One app that is seen as a close competitor to the Software Data Cable App, is nothing, but the WiFi File Transfer app. Though is app doesn’t constitute an absolute replacement to the Software Data Cable app, still it is known to play an essential role in helping you transfer data in and out from your Android device is absence of an USB cable altogether. Any and every file that you wish to transfer makes use of a wireless medium. The best part about this app still remains its easy to use web interface. With this app, you can also explore the password authentication option.

Yet another app that is known to be equally efficient when compared with the Software Data Cable app is none other than the GetMeMyFiles Android app. Irrespective of the file size you can share the same over this medium without much of a hassle. The best part here is that even though the file you are sharing is very heavy in size, the actual transfer would not take much time.

In the end, if you wish to have an app that is much broader with respect to the features offered by the same, then in that case you can go ahead and straightaway zero down on the Software Data Cable App.