What Is USTV Pro? How Can You Download It using USTV Pro APK?

Don’t pay that much to watch TV again! Yes, we have paid enough, and even more than enough to the accounts of cable TV companies. It’s now time for us to freely watch our favorite programs on CNN International, CNN US, BBC News, BBC UK, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and NBC Sports among scores of others and without breaching any contract.

If you ask me how you’re not living in this world at this time. You’re in an entirely different world. Our Android smartphones and tablets have taken the place of the TV sets in our home and are giving us better, mobile, and above all, free access to those channels.

The entertainment lovers are shifting their attention to the online streaming where they watch their movies, favorite TV shows, and other live television programs anywhere they go. Thanks to the online streaming apps, you now have what can actually be referred to as ‘mobile TVs.’

USTV Pro app is designed just for that purpose. It is an app that enables you to watch a lot of United States TV channels free. The app is supported by the most popular channels in the US, and a lot of other channels are being added daily. That means that the list of the television channels on this app is being updated by the day.

In addition to the channels listed earlier, you can also watch freely the following channels on USTV Pro Apk: ABC, Cartoon Network, CBS, CW, NBC, , Animal Planet, BBC America, Comedy ESPN2, FX, Fox News, Freeform, HBO, , NBC Sports, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Spike, Sundance, Syfy and what other media houses. I’m sure you’ve checked and didn’t find some channels on the list. The list of the channels is simply inexhaustible.

With the USTV Pro Version Apk, you can listen to United States radio stations of your choice. You could even receive TV channels from countries like India, Pakistan, and United Kingdom. Summarily speaking, the USTV Pro Apk enables more than 200 channels that you can watch freely on your mobile devices.

Features of USTV Pro Apk

No matter the USTV Pro Version Apk you’re using, the following are common features you’ll find.

  • It doesn’t require any flash player to use
  • It automatically updates new channels
  • It enhances image quality by adding the filter
  • It manually adds user channel
  • It is upgradable to a higher version with promotion code; so you need download the app just once, and the rest is to keep updating
  • It allows you to manage favorite channels
  • It gives you a fine-tuned skin that produces a cooler and higher-tech viewing
  • It enables sharing with friends on Facebook
  • On Android 4.1 and higher, it is fully hardware accelerated, and this allows you to watch television for hours without recharging
  • It has an easy interface to use
  • It disables ads and pop-ups
  • And the exclusive one: It instantly records your favorite shows in top quality in real time without any loss of quality by means of the Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

Take note that USTV Pro Apk collects channel data from the Internet. This means that you may at times realize that some channels won’t work; viewers online are at the mercy of what is streamed from the channel. It also depends on your geographical location. Another factor is the strength of your Internet connectivity. For now, don’t assume that you’ve got a replacement for your cable TV in this application as far as stability and general performances are concerned.

While the use of USTV, including the USTV Android Edition Pro Apk is free, you should know that it is data intensive. You may be charged by your operator for the high volume of data traffic it will require. You may need to consult your operator for pricing options. You may also experience buffering occasionally. This is not from the app itself; it is often caused by the slow Internet connectivity. That’s why it is recommended that you use USTV via WIFI or unlimited 4G data service.

Just one more thing before you proceed to download USTV Pro Apk: Pay attention to your proxy and firewall setting. Be sure that you connect to the Internet through an unfiltered or proxified network. Generally, USTV Pro Apkcrack will allow connection for the streaming server if it’s at TCP port 1935 (RTMP Protocol). However, in case you see many of the channels offline, a firewall may be blocking you. Check that first.

How You Can Download and Install USTV Pro Apk?

To maximize your benefit from the app, you will need Android 4.2 and above. You can find USTV Pro Apk download here. There’s always a link to that effect. Also, it is installable on both the internal and the external storage. The application writes, reads, and runs well from the external storage. So you can download it there if you wish.

You will see the unmodified and original USTV Pro Apkcrack from the play store in different versions. You’ll see it as USTV Pro v3.9 Cracked apk, USTV PRO v4.86 Cracked, and USTV Pro v4.94 which are being described each as the ‘latest version.’ What you’ll download will depend on your device.

Before you download and install make sure you have enough space on your device for the file size of about 40 MB. You must also work on your phone security setting.

  • Go to SETTING
  • Select SECURITY
  • Check UNKNOWN SOURCE (You may have to check to be sure that your device is already set to allow apps from unknown source.)

  • You may need to download other accompanying apps

The use of USTV apps enjoys positive ratings from users. The average rating that is being received is 4.5 of 5. You too can pitch your tent with those who are already enjoying various attractive, nice features that this USTV Pro boasts of for now.

It should be noted that USTV Free does not host or have any content of its own. It only aggregates links automatically in a convenient, user-friendly interface and these are already indexed by Google.