Wrike – Project Management Tool for Managing Teams & Tasks

If you have a team that works on a single project simultaneously then you know how difficult it is to manage the entire team and monitor all the tasks. Even the slightest confusion can result in huge losses in time as well as money. So it is important that you have a proper system to manage everything, from people to individual tasks assigned to your teammates.

Doing this is hectic and adds up to the already busy schedule you might have during a project. This creates a void in the system which needs to be filled. Avoid that only programs and services like Wrike can fulfill. Wrike is one of the best options when it comes to project management tools. We are going to take a look at Wrike deeply and see how it turns out.

This post is going to be a review of Wrike, an online project management software that helps you in keeping track of projects being worked on by a team.

What is Wrike? – An Introduction

Wrike is a work management software which is built up by keeping in mind the processes involved in executing on a project by various individuals. A project team is not just a collection of people who are sharing work — it is more than that. People in the team not only complete their tasks related to the project but they also share ideas and views which make the whole system interactive.

With Wrike you can have a properly managed team working on projects and Wrike will help you make the entire process quick and efficient. The software gives you the ability to create and assign tasks, attach files, and it also comes with email integration so you can create tasks right from your email inbox. These tasks can be laid out on an interactive timeline or Gantt chart so you can easily see what needs to be done by when.


Features of Wrike

Team Sharing

When it comes to managing a project, discussion plays a really important role and Wrike uses the comment area to provide really cool features for communicating with the team. If you want to message a team member on Wrike all you need to do is mention their name with a prefix of “@” and they will be alerted or emailed with your message. This can be done for both one team member as well as for larger groups.

Integration with Other Useful Services & Tools

Wrike works well with other services that might be useful for your projects. By using Zapier — a service that connects apps together — you can connect Wrike with all of the apps you use for work such as ZenDesk or Wufoo forms or Harvest or Evernote.

Wrike also integrates with cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive so that you can easily link to your files in the cloud.

The good stuff – Pros about Wrike

  • The whole service is built around teams and teamwork, keeping collaboration features firmly in mind. So involving and coordinating a team’s work is efficient.
  • With collaboration, email integration, and file management capabilities, Wrike makes it easy for you to manage all the tasks.
  • Wrike comes with free mobile apps for Android as well as iOS so you can manage tasks while on the go.
  • You will also be able to use a Chrome extension to directly turn any website into a Wrike task while you are browsing.

Stuff that needs fixing – Cons about Wrike

  • Wrike has a slight certain learning curve that requires users to know the basics of project management to understand how certain things work (for example: Gantt chart). You may need to access their YouTube channel to check out some tutorials.
  • When it comes to task view, you can choose from primary list view, table view, timeline view and workload view but when you switch between them, the performance degrades for a bit and may seem choppy. Although this could be more an internet connectivity issue.

wrike pricing


You can choose 3 of the mentioned packages from Wrike. The three packages are:

  • Free
  • Professional – Starting $49/month
  • Enterprise – Contact the team for pricing

All three of these packages have their own advantages and you can compare all of the packages here: Wrike Pricing.