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Gone are the days when we used to share data by using the Bluetooth or USB cable. We are living in a world of technology where speed matters a lot. On one hand, Bluetooth takes hours in sharing a single file while on the other hand, the same file can be transferred in just seconds by using few file sharing apps. We have already discussed about the SHAREit App and Software Data Cable App.  There is no doubt in the fact that these two file sharing apps works perfectly but we still need a faster app. In this post, we are going to discuss about that faster file sharing app which is Xender.


Xender is the world’s best file sharing app which can share any kind of data from phone to phone. It is simple to use and shares the data in just matter of seconds. The best thing about this app is that there is no need for cable, Wi-Fi or mobile data for sharing the content by using this app.

Key Features of Xender File Sharing App:

  • This app is capable of sharing any kind of data like contacts, music, videos and it even allows apps for sharing.
  • The speed of sharing is extremely fast in this app and it works up to 50 times faster then Bluetooth.
  • One of the best feature of this app is that it allows group sharing which means a user can send data to up to 5 devices at a same time. Apart from that, if you have connected the app with your friends for even once, then there is no need to connect it again as next time, the app will connect automatically.
  • It supports cross platform transfer which means data can also be shared between Android and iOS devices.
  • One of the most amazing and unique feature of this app is “Phone Replicate” which comes very handy when you change your phone. This feature allows you to replicate or copy all of your data like contacts, apps, pictures etc from your old phone to your new phone in few simple clicks.


  • Even the app can be shared which means if you wish to share data with your friend but he does not have the app, then you can easily share the app itself and it can be then installed on your friend’s phone.
  • There is a new feature known as slide which allows you to share pictures just by sliding them over the screen.
  • You can even buy the upgraded version of this app known as Xender PC which allows you to share files between phone and PC.
  • It supports many languages like English, Chinese, Hindi, Russian and many more.

Xender file sharing app is completely free to use and is small in size which is the reason that it is being downloaded and used by over millions of users all across the globe. It is compatible with Android 2.3.3 and above. There is no limit on the size of data which can be transferred by suing this app which means you can even share movies and HD videos.

There is no doubt in the fact that Xender is the best file sharing app which is available on the Google Play Store and it is a must have app for every smartphone users.

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  1. I downloaded Xender yesterday and I must say it is a wonderful tool. I shared a complete HD movie with my friend in just few minutes. Great post, thanks a lot.

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